exploring may.

Here in Minnesota, May finally starts to feel like spring! I think May might be my favorite month of all because the trees begin to bloom, and I’m so excited for that.

This month, I’m looking forward to trying new things, exploring new places, and taking the time to slow down and enjoy our days. Here are some of my ideas:

Plant seeds. I’m planning on some herbs- mint, rosemary, and lavender to start. I’ve failed at herbs many times in the past, and I’m determined to have some surviving plants this year!

Draw with chalk. And play a game of hopscotch!

Have a picnic. Take your lunch to a blanket in the backyard or get fancy and pack a meal for the park. We eat lunch outside on most warm sunny days and it’s so fun.

Give flowers to your mama. Mother’s Day is this month, surprise your mom with her favorite blooms.

Write in a journal. I used to journal daily, and have gotten out of the habit since having kids. I’m the kind of person who has a hard time understanding and paying attention to my own feelings if I don’t slow down and really have some time to think, and journaling really helps me with that.

Have a nature scavenger hunt. For younger kids, I’m planning to have James look for items of certain colors, and for older kids you can get more specific with a checklist. Don’t forget to take photos!

Make cold brew coffee. It’s finally that time of year again! I love cold brew coffee, but I’m SO COLD all winter long that I just can’t bring myself to drink anything cold. I’m so excited to drink cold things again. This year, I’m going to try my hand at making my own.

Color carnations. The classic color changing experiment! James really likes plants and flowers so I think he will love this. In case you never did this as a kid, all you have to do is put white carnations in water with food coloring and wait patiently for your flowers to change colors.

Go to the farmers market. Here in Minneapolis, most farmers markets start back up this month! It’s always fun to see what’s in season and pick up some extra-fresh ingredients for dinner. In Minnesota, you can search for farmers markets here!

Go on a hike. Try out a new state park or nature center! This site is a great place to search for new trails.

I’d love to hear your ideas for May! Let me know on Instagram or in the comments.

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