spring cleaning: part three | maintaining your clean home

In part one, we gathered our supplies; in part two, we made a plan and got to work making our homes sparkling clean. Don’t stop there! It can be so easy to let bad habits undo all the hard work you’ve put in. It takes intentional work of creating new good habits so that you can maintain your clean home. Here are my tips!

Make a list of your top priorities. When you look around your house, what stresses you out? I’m the kind of person who can overlook dusty baseboards as long as the surfaces are clear, but you may be the opposite. Prioritize the things that matter to you. My list has surfaces, dishes, and laundry. As long as those things are maintained every day, I can deal with other things falling behind.

Do an evening reset. Before bed every night, take 10 minutes to tidy up things out of place and wash any dishes left in the sink. This makes a huge difference the next day since you don’t have to play catch-up all day long!

Have a plan for laundry. It’s so easy to fall behind on laundry! Figure out what you need to do to keep up. I try to do one load a day, which works well for our family of four. It also helps to set a timer to remind myself to move clothes to the dryer.

Choose a weekly focus time. Life happens and we all get behind on cleaning sometimes. Choose a day or time that you can catch up if need be. This is usually when I mop the floors and clean the bathroom, or anything else that can be hard to get done during the week when kiddos need me.

Pay attention to your habits. It’s so easy to sabotage our own cleaning efforts simply by having bad habits. Do you leave your clothes on the floor? Makeup out on the counter? Dishes on the table? It’s so much easier to clean up after yourself immediately instead of having to go back and clean up everything left laying out. Pay attention to the areas where you can work on good habits that make your life easier!

Make family expectations clear. Don’t expect your husband and kids to read your mind! Ask your husband for help when you need it, and make sure your kids know what you expect their help with.

Clean with gratitude. Oftentimes when I get crabby about cleaning my house, it’s an indicator that I’m taking my life for granted. Remembering that the fact that I even have a beautiful house to live in, meals to clean up after, and kids that make a mess is an amazing gift from God can really help shift my mentality around cleaning.

Remember to give yourself grace while keeping your house. The goal is not perfection, but faithfulness in serving your family and others who come into your home.

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