diaper bag essentials.

When it comes to bags, I tend to get a little overzealous. My purse has always carried way more than I needed, and my dance bag in high school was enormous (seriously, I could probably fit inside that thing). I like to be prepared for anything! However, when I’m juggling two kiddos, packing light can be really necessary. In an effort to preserve my back and my sanity, I’ve pared down to the true essentials. Here’s what I’ve found to be the most necessary!

A great bag. I recently switched to using the Land diaper backpack and I LOVE it. I’ve tried other backpacks and bags and this one is my favorite. It has so many pockets, and the top opens so wide. Plus it’s cute and comes in so many different colors. Amazon has tons of options, but you can find mine here.

Diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream. I like this refillable wipe pouch because it doesn’t pop open in the bag like the single packs always seem to do, and then I can buy the refill packs to refill both our diaper bag and changing table wipes.

Sling or carrier. I rarely go anywhere without a baby carrier, it’s so helpful to be hands free. I love my Wildbird sling and it rolls up so nice and small to fit into the diaper bag!

Extra clothes and a wet bag. Depending on the season, I carry a onesie, sleeper, and socks, and always have a wet bag to put clothes into in case of a blowout or leak! For my 4-year-old, I keep an extra pair of pants in the car in case of emergency.

Nursing cover or formula. Now that Lily’s no longer nursing, I like to use the Mixie bottle and always keep a couple single serve formula packs in my bag.

Placemat and bib. We have a reusable silicone placemat that’s really helpful at restaurants, and there’s also a disposable version that’s nice for traveling. I like to keep a cloth bib in the diaper bag because it takes up less space than a silicone one.

SNACKS. Never go anywhere without snacks! I also usually have a sucker in case I really need a distraction for James.

Sippy cup or water bottle. Whichever your babe is currently using! I bring along a straw sippy for Lily and a water bottle for James.

Hand sanitizer and band aids. We like the Babyganics hand sanitizer because it’s alcohol free so it won’t sting on those sensitive baby hands.

Books and toys. I carry a couple of the tiny board books from Chick-fil-A kid’s meals, teethers for Lily, cars for James, and a tiny container of bubbles!

Mama’s essentials. Wallet, lip balm, water bottle, and a snack for me- no one wants a hangry mama around!

What are your diaper bag must-haves? Did I miss anything you can’t leave home without? I’d love to hear from you!

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