indoor activities for little ones.

Ah, January. Dark, cold, and sometimes downright depressing. Add little kiddos to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for some major cabin fever! When it’s frigid outside, everyone has a runny nose, or you just can’t get the small people out and about, here are some of our go-to activities!

Play dough. Buy some or make your own! We like to use cookie cutters, plastic knives, and a mini rolling pin to play.

Kinetic sand. This stuff is fascinating! Build sand castles, cut shapes, or drive trucks in it!

Cloud dough. James calls this “snow dough” and it’s really fun to play with! All you need to do is mix together an 8:1 ratio of flour to oil (such as 4 cups flour, 1/2 cup oil).

Puzzles. Pull out one that hasn’t been put together in a while or try something new.

Watercolors. Ask your kids to make a painting that tells a story, or just let them have fun mixing the colors.

Stencils. These are fun with paint too!

Shrinky dinks. Did you play with these as a kid? They are so cool. I just found some while organizing and I’m excited to try them out with James!

Dot stickers. Draw a shape or word on a large piece of paper and have your child outline it in stickers. Gotta give the credit for this one to @busytoddler on Instagram!

Hopscotch. Set up hopscotch with masking tape on the floor!

Play with snow! Even if it’s too cold or wet to go out, bring a bucket inside and let them play with it on a towel or in the bathtub. For some reason this one is really exciting!

Bubbles. Blow them inside and see who can pop the most!

Water painting. This is great for littler ones. I let Lily paint with water on construction paper.

Obstacle course. Use the couch cushions, blankets, chairs, trampoline, get creative! You can time kids and have them try to beat their record!

Pom pom sorting. Have your kids sort different colored pom poms into bowls or onto construction paper. We found a kid tweezers at Dollar Tree that helps make this interesting for older kids.

Dry beans or rice. MANY HOURS of James’s life have been spent playing with mini trucks on a sheet pan of rice or beans. I like the beans better because they’re easier to sweep up!

Bake together or decorate cookies. James loves to help me make desserts.

Tissue paper “stained glass”. Tape clear contact paper sticky side up onto the table, and let your kids rip up tissue paper and stick it on! Hang it in the window and let the sun shine through.

Balls or stuffed animals. My kids gather up all the balls or animals and pillows they can find and throw them around the room. Its totally insane but they can’t stop giggling and it keeps them busy!

kinetic sand // shrinky dinks // mini trucks // table // paper roll // mat

I hope this helps beat the winter blues in your house! Let me know if I missed any of your favorite indoor activities! ♡

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